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Hair Restoration

A thinning hairline can be a source of considerable self-consciousness for both women and men, whether the root cause is hormonal hair loss or hair loss from stress, aging or genetics. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine and hair restoration methods have paved the way for us to provide effective hair loss remedies for natural hair growth and improved scalp health. With customizable hair restoration solutions at New Beauty Company Aesthetics, we can tailor the ideal treatment regimen for you to restore thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Choose from professional-grade serums, laser treatments, supplements, products, prescription medications and treatment therapies to optimize your hair’s growth potential for the long term.

Hair restoration can help:

Our hair restoration treatment options include hair growth shampoos, conditioners and serums, prescription medications and red-light therapy caps, as well as:


KeraLase is an advanced hair restoration treatment which combines the Lutronic® LaseMD Ultra® laser with KeraFactorMD® Topical Growth Factors. KeraLase treatments stimulate the scalp’s growth potential by creating microchannels in the skin with the Ultra laser. This amplifies the skin’s absorption rate of potent KeraFactorMD serums to promote a thicker, fuller head of hair. All skin types can benefit from this gentle and effective hair restoration treatment, which revitalizes and rejuvenates the scalp to encourage natural hair growth and improved hair quality.


As the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement, Nutrafol products are clinically tested and physician-formulated to encourage thicker, stronger hair using 100% drug-free, natural ingredients. Nutrafol supplements target multiple root causes of thinning hair, from hormones and stress to nutrition and aging, to promote hair growth and hair wellness for all hair types.

FAQs: Hair Restoration


Treatments are relatively quick and convenient, taking only 30 minutes or less per session.
We typically recommend a series of six sessions spaced four to six weeks apart based on your specific hair restoration needs and goals.
There is no downtime with KeraLase. We do recommend that you avoid direct sun exposure and refrain from washing your hair in the 24 hours following your treatment.
You may begin to see results after your first two or three sessions. After completing your six-session regimen, these benefits will continue to build over the next six to nine months.
Unlike many supplements on the market, Nutrafol products are physician-formulated and backed by clinical studies and public research.
While results vary, many women in clinical studies showed results in three to six months. If you are consistent with your daily Nutrafol supplements, you are likely to experience shinier hair with less breakage and shedding one to three months in, improvement in fullness and volume after three to six months and faster-growing hair that’s thicker and stronger after six months.
Nutrafol’s Hair Wellness Quiz will help determine the bio-specific root causes of your hair thinning and recommend a personalized product regimen for you to achieve optimal results.

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