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Carrying extra weight can be difficult. It can slow you down, make everyday tasks challenging and affect your confidence. Losing weight can be even more difficult. If you’ve ever tried losing weight, getting in shape or simply living a healthier lifestyle, you know how hard it can be to see results. No matter how much you restrict your calories, no matter how many hours you sweat at the gym, there are always stubborn areas that simply do not respond to dieting and exercise.

Looking for a better way forward? Introducing UltraSlim®! At New Beauty Company Aesthetics, we’re proud to provide UltraSlim red light therapy, one of the most powerful FDA-cleared devices for fat loss and beautiful skin. UltraSlim is designed to stimulate targeted fat cells to open and drain through temporary pores (called transitory pores) and then empty the contents, which are triglycerides (water, glycerol and free fatty acids), into the lymphatic system. Once in the lymphatic system, the fat is broken down into water and carbon dioxide, and ultimately eliminated from the body. There is no destruction of fat tissue!

Why choose UltraSlim red light therapy at New Beauty Company? Here are just a few reasons:

  • One of the most powerful red light treatments
  • Only machine on the market that is FDA-approved for immediate fat loss
  • We are the first UltraSlim provider in Northeast Florida
  • Non-invasive with zero pain and zero downtime
  • Financing available

The UltraSlim treatments we offer include:

WaistBuster™ Treatment

The WaistBuster treatment is a non-surgical liposuction alternative that helps contour the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks with no downtime. The WaistBuster achieves contouring without the requirement of exercise and dieting (although its highly recommended for continued weight loss, to maintain weight loss and for more noticeable results), surgery or drugs. Your individualized care plan will include the number of treatment sessions needed to achieve your goals.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover with UltraSlim is a set of treatments that addresses the problems usually created by pregnancy. As an added benefit, UltraSlim has been shown to produce collagen and elastin fibers which benefit the appearance of tighter skin and help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. UltraSlim® is considered to be a safe treatment. It requires no exercise (again, highly recommended for the best results), generates no discomfort and has no known side effects.

Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

Any skin type can achieve beautiful, youthful skin on the face and neck with UltraSlim. Its red light non-invasively increases the production of collagen and elastin, helping to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of aging. As an alternative to injectable treatments, UltraSlim provides safer results with zero side effects.

Results After One Treatment!

Results are individualized. Results with one patient do not guarantee results for other patients.

FAQs: UltraSlim Red Light Therapy


UltraSlim is one of a few non-invasive procedures for fat loss without requiring dieting and exercising (although it is highly recommended for continued weight loss and faster results), or drugs and surgery. UltraSlim is FDA cleared for non-invasive dermatological aesthetic treatment for the reduction of the circumference of the hips, waist and thighs, treatment of superficial, benign vascular and pigmented lesions and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. There are no known side effects and no subsequent dysmorphic fat accumulations. UltraSlim treatments can even begin immediately after pregnancy once cleared by your primary care physician.
UltraSlim is designed to stimulate the fat cells (adipocytes) to open (lipolysis) and drain the contents (triglycerides) into the lymphatic system for elimination. This process, known as lipolysis, is what happens with weight loss during normal dieting and exercising. No matter how much you restrict your calories, no matter how many hours you sweat at the gym, there are always stubborn areas that simply do not respond to dieting and exercise. With photobiomodulation technology, UltraSlim naturally and non-destructively drains fat cells with lipolysis rather than cell-killing apoptosis. The technology affects natural cellular responses in the skin and fat, thereby helping to reduce the amount of fat and improve the skin’s appearance.
UltraSlim is considered to be a safe body contouring technology. There are no known side-effects with UltraSlim treatments, and the treatments generate no discomfort.
Yes! CoolSculpting freezes and destroys fat cells and can take one to three months to see any results from a single treatment. The Slim Sculpt® Bed treatments generate immediate results for most patients and there is no destruction of fat cells with the treatments. Also, with CoolSculpting treatments, if a patient regains weight due to an unhealthy lifestyle, hormone imbalances or overeating, the newly created fat has to be placed in existing fat cells in the body which can lead to dysmorphic fat accumulations in various parts of the body where there can be lumps, bumps and unevenness.
Yes, UltraSlim works on most types of body fat by using its photobiomodulation technology. UltraSlim naturally drains fat cells with lipolysis rather than cell-killing apoptosis. UltraSlim technology affects natural cellular responses in fat cells, which reduces the amount of fat stored inside of the fat cell (adipocyte). We will recommend the ideal number of treatments you will need to treat visceral fat based on your body type.
UltraSlim treatments have been shown to produce collagen and elastin fibers which benefit the appearance of younger, healthier-looking skin. By stimulating new collagen and elastin growth, UltraSlim helps tighten skin and reduce signs of aging on the face and neck.
UltraSlim treatments feel slightly warm and very pleasant. The light is positioned over your body several inches away, never touching you. Many people fall asleep during treatment.
Our patients state that UltraSlim generates no discomfort, only slight warmth from the bright light that the device generates.
During your consultation, we will determine the number of UltraSlim treatments that will be best for you. Each body is different, and we will create a treatment plan based on your individual needs.
Pricing per treatment depends on our assessment of your body type and the goals you wish to achieve. UltraSlim is considered an elective procedure. One of our providers will develop a personalized care package tailored to your specific needs and goals. We offer various interest-free financing options. UltraSlim is a safe and less expensive alternative to other elective procedures.
UltraSlim is an elective procedure and not covered by insurance. However, we do accept FSA/HSA (Flex Spending/Health Savings Account) cards!
We typically recommended undergoing a series of six treatments for optimal results. One UltraSlim session is approximately 32 minutes under the LED light. We may recommend 20-minute exposures per side.
UltraSlim doesn’t kill fat cells; it depletes the contents of the cell. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with great nutrition and exercise should allow your results to remain. However, an unhealthy lifestyle may cause your fat cells to refill with new fat. Some of the other procedures on the market destroy fat cells. If fat returns after your fat cells have been killed, patients of those procedures commonly see side effects like dysmorphic or visceral fat.

UltraSlim® Mid-Section Spot Treatment and Consultation Special!**

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